Visualization of the User's Journey

We provide a clear and detailed map of all user journeys in your application. Thanks to it, you can immediately diagnose where the customer struggles with usability and technical issues. You'd also discover anomalies, pinpointing where your performance issues are. The user journey report gives you an insight into a detailed root cause analysis.

Omniscopy records 100% of all users' activity. You get access to individual and specific customer interaction sessions as well as full, collective, aggregated data presenting the flow of entire user groups (customer segments) on your websites.

Companies operating on the Internet that can quickly catch trends and customer behavior, adapt their products and tools to the expectations of users, sell more, and create more useful products. They are more competitive. The greater amount of data generated by Omniscopy enables the creation of behavioral patterns that are automatically flagged. Based on the user path visualization reports, you will spot trends, behaviors, and consumer preferences. You can react in real-time, modify the product, promotional activities, and communication.

User journey
Analytics and Optimization

Analytics and Optimization

Imagine you have detailed information about how customers are behaving on your websites and mobile applications. How do they interact, what attracts them, and what they struggle with. You know what they do, when, how, and why. You see where their difficulties are, so you can easily improve.

With Omniscopy solutions you get a complete insight into customer interactions for your website or mobile application. You get unlimited possibilities in drawing and verification of hypotheses. You can observe customer engagement in real-time to detect drops, bounces, and exits. Data and recorded sessions might be filtered by devices, operating systems, geographic locations, mouse movements, named events, points of interactions, demographic data, traffic sources, website behavior. You can mark and detect sessions with specific events (e.g. button clicks, text, etc.). Thanks to this information, you will improve the usability of websites, applications, and direct the user's attention wherever you want. You will measure accurate real-time online experience. You will see incomplete online transactions and other hot-spots to understand what negatively impacts customers' experience. You will get data to boost productivity, usability, and loyalty.

Analytics and Optimization

Detection of Errors and Anomalies

Based on our data, you will find out what is not working properly in the Web Applications and when the error occurs. Immediate access to recorded session, incl. bugs, errors affecting the user, helps to speed up raising the issue, gathering relevant data, and implementation of fixes and other improvements.

Omniscopy recognize patterns of desired behavior in the users-to-application interaction and those that deviate from the standard, expected reactions. Using machine learning, our solution detects and warns when it detects abnormal behavior. Sessions that differ from the established pattern are automatically marked. Thanks to this, you receive information about anomalies, and based on them, you can quickly intervene, introduce changes, and prevent losses. Bugs and crashes that happen in your applications have a negative impact on your business. Quick error detection will allow you to implement corrections before the error becomes a problem and your brand gets affected. Thanks to on-demand searches, you have the possibility to find previous customer sessions. Affected customer reaching your 1st line of Support does not need to remember the session details. Just use our text searches (tags, free text, keyword, button) to nail it down.

Anomalies detection
Session recording

Application session click-by-click.
Immutabe recordings with all-time access

Yes, we have 100% sessions recorded. We also have relevant static content stored. Thanks to it, recorded session will stay immutable, so even a months from its capturing, it will look the same. It doesn't really matter if you changed Look & Feel of your Web Apps in the meantime - just pick the session before and after the change to see visual differences. Such consistent and immutable recording of user sessions is appreciated by the complaint departments and customer experience teams, because in the case of users' complaints, recordings will allow you to recreate the sessions from the momment of its capture.

Getting the session, always together with its original static content, helped us bring another advantage - backward-verification of hypotheses. Imagine after the fact you came with questions and objections to check - i.e. you need to check if some visible (or invisible) element of the page correlates with the specific behavior of some users. In the best-case scenario, it'd be verified before implementing the change. In Omniscopy, you can re-process recordee sessions, so new facts are created for you. No need to change the App and wait till new data come. It's smart and convenient. More than retroactive searches. It's the backward-verification of hypotheses to bring you best-case scenario all the time.

Session recording
Figure 2

Security and GDPR

The Omniscopy solution meets the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR). We ensure compliance with the GDPR and security. We take all measures, continuous data against leakage and compromise. We use white- and black-list policies and "do not record sensitive data" settings. Access to Projects, Functions, and Data requires specific privileges for users and groups of users in our system. Therefore, we provide a convenient level of protection and compliance. Additionally, sensitive data or any other local data is anonymized in the visitor's browser. That's why you can safely share session recordings between departments without exposing them to the risk of data leakage.

Access to functions and data is managed per the user's role and per project. That's why individuals might have a different level of privileges depending on the project and the importance of data stored there.

Additionally, due to internal compliance, legal restrictions, or for evidence purposes, recordings can be stored and for several years. We guarantee to archive recordings without time limits and without additional costs.

GPDR and Security
Figure 3
Projects and prototypes

Projects and Application Prototypes

Omniscopy will allow your Teams to create thoughtful and well-designed applications that users will enjoy. You can check how the user uses your applications at the design stage and the stage of clickable prototypes. You can design, test, and modify patterns of use. You can optimize the application/website before putting it into use. A properly designed application taking into account the needs of users is a success for the whole DevOps. By taking into account users' needs in the initial stage, there will be fewer errors and corrections in the next stages. This allows teams to commission the product on time and work more efficiently.

Take a project as a logical sandbox to work with the application and recorded data related to the specific moment of the application phase or lifecycle. Your favorite settings - you will definitely have them - might be shared with other projects as changes will go-live.

Projects and prototypes

Collections and Test scenarios

Use test session recordings to illustrate test scenarios for your Test Team. You can search for available recordings by Test Cases. The use of recordings as a test scenario will simplify the management and execution of manual tests, especially for teams working remotely in different locations. Test recordings allow you to improve communication and enable you to work with always-up-to-date visual documentation - it's your visual explainer regarding howtos' and the proof of delivered work. Omniscopy guarantees the immutable of the scenarios and recorded test cases.

Now you can automatically record manual tests and quickly send detected errors to the Development Team. Documenting use cases and errors, as well as the ability to save and send the test, reduces the time-to-fix - the Teams' work and communication will be faster.

You can also use Comments and Team Collaboration features to enable quick communication and annotation in the context of recordings and specific moments of the user's interaction timeline.

Figure 4
Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration and Communication

Websites and mobile applications are the better, the better they address users' needs and respond to their expectations. Imagine that all departments that work in the company to create and then function effectively, work seamlessly with each other, sharing information about the application quickly and conveniently - what's been reserved for UX Designers, now is available for all Teams involved - whole IT, UXOps, customer service, marketing, sales and business departments can flexibly cooperate with each other. As a result, they can create a better product. Omniscopy breaks the silo and helps teams share data, conclusions, hypotheses, avoid communication misunderstandings, and, as a result, they can create a more efficient product that meets the expectations of users.

Comments added to session recordings make the message fast, clear, and precise. They do not require additional explanation. Such an approach speeds up processes and increases the quality of cooperation. With recordings, you gain valuable time to do what's really important - team members do not have to create detailed descriptions, repeat interactions, and thanks to comments and discussions entered into recorded sessions, they immediately know what and to what extent to take care of.

That's why we implemented the subsystem of comments and annotations for you. We hope you will enjoy it.

Team collaboration
Figure 5

Customization and Integrations

Omniscopy automatically tags the session and detects user actions. The solution can be configured to continually send users' session data to a customer-provided HTTP Webhook endpoints. Once this feature is enabled, Omniscopy automatically streams JSON data for all monitored user sessions. The data is streamed in chunks in real-time to improve time-to-know - every few seconds, we will push it to the optional Logstash service. The data format is one JSON document per user's event, of one document per processed session so it contains all detected tags.

Where the magic happens is optional enrichment of exported JSON, so it'd contain additional properties related to the status of DOM at the moment of the reported event or detected action.

We know it sounds Techy, but Designers and Devs familiar with SPA will understand the value. Imagine you have the capability to perform CSS selectors - like a DevTools - but from the back seats. This is our server-side DOM processing power.

Customization and integrations

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