Digital Journey Mapping: customer journey mapping tools to elevate your business in 2022

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The digital landscape is rapidly evolving. If you provide products or services, you need to make sure that when people visit your website, they can simply find what they are searching for. The best way to improve your website’s performance is to map out your customer’s journey and create an interactive map. It will allow users to find their way around the site with ease. Let’s learn about digital journey mapping, its importance, and what tools one can use as a business owner to help create an interactive journey map for the website.

Digital Journey Mapping

Digital Journey Mapping is the process of identifying the activities of an individual or organization while using digital technologies, including electronic devices like mobile phones, social media, different software platforms, and various internet platforms to perform tasks. Businesses utilize this to understand how their customers are interacting with the digital product or experience across all digital channels.

The process of mapping digital journeys enables organizations to identify needs, opportunities, and challenges for improving customer experiences across all digital touchpoints. It also allows them to prioritize actions for delivering more value to customers in each area of their digital journey.

What is the importance of Digital Journey Mapping?

Digital journey mapping is all about understanding how customers interact with a product or service from discovery to installation and use or any task from its start point to the end of the transaction or need. It’s about learning their interaction with digital products or services, buying process, and specific pain points. It’s also about gaining a better understanding of your customers so that you can improve the services and communication with them. It is crucial because it enables businesses to grow the customer base by creating content that appeals to the needs and demands of the target audience.

In the digital first world it is specifically crucial for all kinds of organizations and businesses.

What are some trending Digital Journey Mapping tools?

Digital journey mapping tools are powerful for designer’s product owners and  marketers. Below is a list of some trending tools that will help your business.

1. Optimizely

A Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in platforms for Digital Experience. As the name says its core function is to optimize the customer journey. Our first one in the popular list. IT offers many plans for cloud based services. We didn’t find anything for disconnected offline, on device examples. Did you find any?

2. HubSpot

HubSpot has some interesting information on their website that allows you to create interactive customer journey maps for free. It can create, design, and share interactive diagrams that show how different customers interact with your brand. They also provide tools for you to see how well your strategies are working and optimize accordingly.

3 Google Analytics

One of the most common and popular tools.  It is constantly evolving and the primary aim is to measure advertising ROI as well as track Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.  

4 NICE- CXone

The NICE inContact CXone is a 2020 Forrester magic quadrant winner.  It  addresses Omnichannel routing, analytics, workforce optimisation, automation and AI besides providing a host of services

5 Omniscopy

A favourite of those who care for security, compliances and a deeply engaging player in the Digital journey mapping CX, UX Journey analytics space. It provides very powerful AI recommendation journeys. Provides brilliant analytics as a utility service with a powerful security central. The live tagging, annotation and communication helps any number of stakeholders to join in an offline / online communication synch to discuss, understand and build great experiences, resolve issues and correct any “show stopper” situation in real time.

A visual representation of any user’s digital task makes up the journey map detailing interactions  of a customer with a product or service. End users are the lifeline of businesses, making it absolutely essential to empathize with their journey related pain points, desires, and needs while designing the customer’s digital journey in mind

Every team member, be it in  sales, marketing, product, design or engineering, are recommended to use tools such as Omniscopy to learn more from a customer’s journey, related experiences for each persona, help solve problems in the products and services, fill gaps and keep the experiences at a delightful high note at all times.

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