Metered service Vs tracking SaaS analytic solutions

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Which one to choose? What are their benefits?

Subscription is extremely valuable for streamlining the purchasing process of a customer. But for many SaaS businesses, it can be difficult to choose the correct price plan for clients with different usage details. The scalability of a pricing model, or how it scales from one consumer to the next, is one of the most significant features. Metered Services come into play in this situation. This article will explain metered services in detail, comparison and their benefits over traditional SaaS analytic solutions. It will enable you to decide which service would be the right one for you.

What is a Metered Service?

Metered service is a type of service where you have to pay for usage like a utility. In the olden times, it was restricted only to the domains, time and area. In Metered services, the solution provider will provide a son demond set of utilities to run analytics and only the feature of algorithm that is used over a pre-set time, utilization cost is charged. It’s also well known as a pay-per-use set of features, functionalities and algorithm APIs that a company has used.

Omniscopy is a type of metered service that provides need-based on a customer’s engagement, with immediate real-time data delivered to improve productivity, usability and overall customer experience metrics. It also helps in scaling your B2B SaaS.

What is a Saas Analytics Solution?

Software as a service (Saas) Analytics is used in analyzing the engagement of a customer to keep track of their touchpoints by bringing the data to an external cloud server to run the necessary algorithms needed for the business hypothesis. In such a case many of the features, functionalities and other Virtual machine enablement costs are needed to be added but not immediately visible to the solutions buying customer. Above all, it poses high-security risks. End-user analytics is one of the most vital aspects of the Digital world.

Benefits of Metered Services

As the name suggests, Metered Services are a form of service where your customers have to pay a subscription fee for what they use and how much they use. There are no extra hidden costs. As an analogy with general utility, it is similar to the electricity bill or the water bill you pay for when you use a certain quantity where the utility provider has no pre-set cap on the utilization, (SPs (Internet Service Providers) also follow this approach, but it’s not very well known in the analytics space. Let us examine the benefits.

  1. The value of trying before buying or using “free basic service”. What this means is, you do not have to pay a fee for a certain level of features or services provided. Also, you can try it before you purchase.
  2. Once a metered service is bought, there is unlimited access to all the features and functionalities, as well as control of the monitoring software and monitoring capability No need to pay a fee for the service that is not utilized.
  3. The applications utilizing Metered Services save the usage data periodically and provide insights and analysis.
  4. They help you in finding new customers and opportunities for converting them into paying customers.
  5. Metered analytics solutions can be installed to run as a disconnected on-premise solution or as a SaaS model of service.

It is well known that Saas Analytics Solution similarly offers all kinds of businesses an opportunity to provide faster results. It collects data without any hassle and can run on any web browser via the internet that is similar to metered services. Some take away from SaaS offerings:

  1. It helps you in the monitoring of all your website metrics in real-time and at different time intervals just like metered services but without the need for any installation, including defining different dashboards, alerts, reports and dashboards.
  2. It also helps you to collect data easily. You don’t need a server for collecting data and you don’t have to have a dedicated domain for collecting the data. This could also pose the biggest threat in a SaaS solution due to serious security concerns.
  3. It helps you to monitor your digital solutions, all web applications and sites remotely.

Metered services on-premise are the highest secure analytics solutions, primarily because it does not compromise customer data. Look at it as a utility, you subscribe to electricity and what your use it for is not the concern of the department of electricity, they doesn’t even know the appliances you own, it just charges you the amount of energy used. Period. Though some may debate this, it is proven that metered services win over complete SaaS services for organizations that want to target their investments into tangible result-driven outcomes. Come what may SaaS analytic service needs the organization to share all of the information to the cloud service provider’s data lakes for processing and the moment data leaves your infrastructure it’s highly susceptible to attacks, media screams out stories of such situations time and again.

Whether you should opt for metered service or not, comes down to your product and business. However, if your costs are closely related to client consumption, it’s worth investigating.

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